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About the project

Schleich is running a christmas campaign every year — this year you could find a code in participating retail stores which you then had to enter online to take part in a raffle where you could win one of 20 surprise packages.

My task was to create the microsite for the campaign which provided the user with the ability to enter the code and get more detailed information about the event.

An agency was providing most of the images used while my supervisor Alexander Wahl took care of the serverside programming and deployment.

The challenge

One of the more challenging parts of this project for me personally was keeping the Coroporate Design in mind, which usually isn't a problem but since Schleich is a toy company aimed at children and their parents, things like flat or minimalistic design almost aren't used at all but rather images of the product and a realistic environment.

Code Input

Once you open the page you are immediately greeted with the option to put the code into the keylock, the cursor is automatically inside the text field and once you type a number it jumps to the next field and also submits the code once you put in all three numbers.

Form Validation

There are certain requirements you need to meet if you want to participate in the raffle, for example you have to be at least 18 years old. This and other basic information is validated on the client side once you jump into the next input field so you immediately get feedback if the input is valid or not without sending the form.

...and of course there is also server side validation!


In case you want to dive deeper into how the raffle works and where to find the code, there is additional information like the Conditions of Participation and a page where you can see all participating retailers that you can filter by postcode. 

Closer Look

Below you can see the main screens of the final microsite while it was still online, I excluded pages like Imprint, Privacy Policy and other minor parts of the page on purpose since they all basically look the same.

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